SIK (The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology AB) is a private, non-profit, industrial research institute, fully owned subsidiary of SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, whose purpose is to strengthen the competitiveness of its member companies. The number of employees is approx. 100, most of whom are university graduates. The Process and Technology Development department within SIK works primarily with optimising traditional as well as new process technologies to contribute to the development of sustainable, efficient processes for food production, special emphasis is on tailoring processes to achieve desired health and quality aspects. The group has long experience in the design of heating processes using electromagnetic energy (MW and IR).

Research on MW and IR technologies has been carried out at SIK for more than 20 years and there are available equipment both at lab and pilot plant scale. A recent PhD thesis explored the use of infrared for decontamination of spices. SIK has coordinated or participated in a large number of EC projects in the area of this project: Novel Q project - Novel processing methods for the production and distribution of high-quality and safe foods (VIPM); INCO-Dev project New combined drying technologies for development of high quality shelf-stable fruit products (VPM); “Biopowders” (VIPM - Financed a PhdD on decontamination of spices); “Powder research to promote competitive manufacture of added-value food ingredients” (VPM); ProPraline project- “Processing and Structure for high quality pralines” (VIIPM); and Marie Curie ITN project - ITN Powtech on powder Technology were 15 PhDs will be trained in powder technology (from March 2011).

Contact details:

Name: Sven Isaksson
Position: Researcher
Telephone: +46 10 516 6691

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