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Juan José Albarracín (JJA) was founded in 1854 and is the oldest company of the sector of manufacturing and distribution of paprika in all its varieties, always offering first quality in its products. Besides paprika, they supply other products such as chillies (cayenne, chillie pepers, etc), spices (white pepper, black pepper, orégano, etc), mixes, oleoresins and saffron. Juan José Albarracín S.A. has maintained the leadership in this sector thanks to two main aspects: total quality and service. Their main market is the European Union, but they supply their products to customers around the 5 continents.

The company has carried out several R&D projects related to the improvement of production techniques, control or quality of their products. Usually these projects have been carried out within the company and have included among others:

- The development of a steam sterilization system for paprika, cayenne and chilli powders.
- The improvement of the post-sterilization cooling with liquid N2.
- The combination of grinding with hammer mills and grinding with stone mills, etc.

Eventually they have developed several studies with the collaboration of Spanish research centres as AINIA or foreign centres as (ARCHIMEX) with the same general objectives as those conducted internally.

Contact details:

Name:             Carlos Albarracín
Position:          Joint General Manager
Telephone:      +34 968 879504

Name:             Mariano Serrano                    
Position:          Q. A. Manager                        
Telephone:      +34 968 879504                    

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