The following documents consist on the ESA Quality Minima Document (QMD) to ensure that herbs and spices within EU keep a certain minimal quality and guides describing how to handle herbs and spices to be able to ensure their quality.
European Spice Association Quality minima Document
This document describes the quality minima for dried herbs and spices, which should be demanded by buyers when these products are purchased for further processing within the EU.
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General guidelines for good agricultural practices spices
This guide describes the growing and post harvest handling of spices to ensure that the parameters that cannot be reconditioned, once the material has been dried for sale, are adequately addressed in the growing countries.
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Code of hygienic practice for spices and dried aromatic plants
This Code applies to spices and dried aromatic plants and covers the minimum requirements of hygiene for harvesting, post harvest technology, processing establishment, processing technology, packaging and storage of processed products.
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