The Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam Bornim (ATB) is a non-university research institute funded by the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture (BMVEL) and the Ministry for Science, Research and Culture of the Federal State of Brandenburg (MWFK). ATB has multi-disciplinary research teams with currently about 270 staff members, 80 of them scientists and PhD students. The ATB mission is to develop sustainable technologies for the resource efficient and carbon neutral utilization of biological systems to produce food, raw materials and energy in response to the challenges of climate change and changes in framework conditions on global scale. Main research fields are i) environmentally sound and competitive methods of agricultural production, ii) the quality and safety of food and feed, and iii) renewable raw materials in rural areas or industrial feedstock and energy sources from biomass. Intensive networking with research institutions and enterprises on national and international level contributes largely to elaborate solutions for the agricultural and food industry. Expertise in the field of research for quality and safety of food and feed covers: physiological and physical produce properties; acoustic, mechanical, frequency and time resolved optical sensor technologies; operation strategies and process design (e.g. plasma treatment); preservation and storage; monitoring and control of microbial load.

Among other national and international research projects, ATB is coordinating national research projects on “Efficient drying of medicinal and spice plants using heat pumps” and on “Application of plasma technology for gentle preservation of perishables in the post-harvest chain (FriPlas)”. ATB is a partner of the Socrates-Erasmus Thematic Network ISEKI_Food 3, and core group member of ISEKI_Mundus 2.

Contact details:

Name: Dr. Oliver Schlüter
Position: Senior Scientist and Coordinator of the ATB Research Program "Quality and safety of food and feed"
Telephone: +49 (0)331 5699 613

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