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AINIA Technological Centre is a private non-profit association formed by more than 1.100 companies in the food sector and related industries. The aim of the centre is to promote RTD activities in the agri-food sector, increase production quality, improve competitiveness and promote modernisation and diversification. This is achieved by rendering service to its members, executing scientific research projects and public or private technological development.

The work team involved in this project is formed by researchers from the Engineering & Processes Department (testing of preservation technologies, data analysis, quality assessment of food products, process modelling and process optimization), the Bioassays Dept. (microbiological quality control in agri-food industries and development and validation of new rapid analytical and tailored methods based on microbiological and molecular techniques and cellular models) and the Technology Transfer Department (promotion, management and dissemination of national and international projects). All of them have wide experience in the areas related to the project, working together in multidisciplinary R&D projects.

AINIA has participated and led different EC projects such as:

  • BIOLISME: Speedy system for sampling and detecting Listeria monocytogenes in agro-food and related European industries (VIIPM)
  • BIODET: Networking in the application of biosensors to pesticide detection in fruits and vegetables (VIPM)
  • TRACEBACK Integrated system for a reliable traceability of food supply chains
  • HELENA Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence
  • VINISERV Telematic Service for Vineyard Management
  • QUBIC Animal Breeding: Quality Biodiversity Innovation Competitiven

Contact details:

Name: Mrs Mariana Valverde Belda
Position: Technician of the Engineering and Process Department (Project coordinator)
Telephone: +34 96 136 60 90

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